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18 Hours Behind Schedule

3x30x365 Project

18 Hours Behind Schedule

James Kerr

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. - William Penn

I'm 13 days into this project and I'm already running an 18 hour deficit.  Unbelievable.  And yet, that;s how it happens.  We either make progress or we don't.  We are either working towards the life we want or we are not.

One week passes...then a month...a year...a lifetime.

It's not that I'm busy.  Because I am not.  I'm just not making the the time.  Only 3 hours per day.  That's not difficult requirement.

I had a classmate in high school who was training for the Olympics.  Ice skating.  She would train in the morning for a few hours, attend school for half the day, and then spend a few more hours on the rink.  She was devoting 6+ hours per day developing her skills.

I just need do 3.  Back to work,