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The balls are really comfortable

3x30x365 Project

The balls are really comfortable

James Kerr

What does my family do to celebrate the birth of our great country?  We have dim sum for brunch at the Rio!  And then a lazy walk through Fashion Show Mall.

And that's where all this started.  As I sat with my youngest son in the Apple Store, I noticed how comfortable the ball chairs were and started Googling where I might be able to get one for my office.

I couldn't find a quick answer.  

But how can that be?  With so many people visiting Apple stores every day, surely enough have sat on these balls and wanted one for themselves?  Why aren't these easier to buy?

The spark for a new business can come from anywhere.  We get those lightening bolts of inspiration all the time.  In almost all cases, though, we let the little reptilian voice in our heads quietly bury the ideas.  Or we share it a family or friend and let them douse the embers for us.

What if we didn't accept that?  What if we pushed ahead with those crazy thoughts and allowed them to take us somewhere?

And what if we shared that journey publicly so others could see that they - too - can ride with wings to new adventures?  Learning what works and what doesn't?  Getting smarter with each step?

So in the mall in Las Vegas earlier this afternoon, I realized there's a bunch of fun out there waiting for us.  We just need to get going.  Bring everyone along.  And to make it relevant, we will start small, in the beginning, right where we are at.  No VC funding, no special privileges from family or friends.  Just an idea and a bunch of enthusiasm.

Edison said 'Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.'

I like that...Let's get to work.