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What's the story with the name?

3x30x365 Project

What's the story with the name?

James Kerr

'3x30x365' describes the parameters of the challenge:

3 = 3 hours per day
30 = $30/day for operations, including advertising
365 = duration of 1 year

So I will spend 3 hours every day and no more than $30/day getting this new business up and running.

I haven't decided yet which idea to pursue.  This month I will test each and see which one seems to sells most easily.

Most of the testing will be done via online advertising on Facebook.

Here's what I am testing:

1.  Selling those ball chairs you find in Apple stores
2.  Selling an online course teaching people how to start an home cleaning business
3.  Selling a home monitoring system for seniors
4.  Selling jet-set travel and fitness vacations to women
5.  Licensing SuperGeeks name to a famous YouTuber I found on Reddit

The schedule is:

Jul - test all ideas
Aug - choose 2
Sep - first sale!
Oct - $1K/month in sales
Nov - $2K/month in sales
Dec - $3K in sales/month

Ultimately, my goal is $329/day in sales, which is about $10K per month.  That would be a tidy income stream - especially if the it's a digital product or service with little overhead.