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7260 W Azure Dr # 140-129
Las Vegas, NV 89130

(702) 551-4517

We help businesses harness the power of computing.  From web design and app development to digital marketing and e-commerce, we've got you covered!

Digital Marketing for Orthontists

Digital Marketing 101 for Orthodontists

Learn how to use the internet to find new patients and keep them. This free webinar outlines the simple online tactics your staff can implement today. No technical knowledge required. These marketing strategies are proven to work. Taught by AAO veteran speaker, James Kerr. Geared for team members who are new to digital marketing and want to learn how to get started.

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James Kerr is Founder and Chief Geek of SuperGeeks, an IT consulting firm helping the dental community harness technology.

James Kerr is Founder and Chief Geek of SuperGeeks, an IT consulting firm helping the dental community harness technology.

Wednesday, May 11 at 8:00 AM PDT

Thursday, May 12 at 8:00 AM PDT

Friday, May 13 at 8:00 AM PDT

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Feedback from previous attendees when asked, "What did you like about James' presentation?"

“He’s a very good speaker. He presents his topic & himself well.”

“Very knowledgeable, real-world application.”

“The speaker was very enthusiastic. A lot of energy and very easy to follow, excellent job!!”

“Very good presenter. Holds your interest: provided interesting information.”

“It encouraged me to look toward the technology and not be afraid of it.”

“Very interesting.”

“A very good presenter.”

“Made it interesting with subjects we can relate to.”

“Very future oriented, very knowledgeable.”

“Great presentation, kept my attention throughout the entire session—Good Job! Very enjoyable!”

“Great way to start off the coding sessions.”

“Interesting-not too technical.”

“The pros and cons about computer software , the hackers that are out there, very informative!!!”

“Going back.”


“Very interesting information regarding technology.”

“Very provocative, interesting.”

“He was humorous! Great speaker but could be more specific to coding.”

“Things you never thought about certain topics that you haven’t realized. Internet security amazing!”

“His demeanor.”

“Very interesting topic-and excellent presenter.”

“Fascinating! I appreciated the history of computer technology & future.”

“Extremely educating and scary.”

“Making me aware of all the advances in technology.”

“Great speaker.”

“Interesting!! James was a very dynamic speaker, I enjoyed his presentation.”

“Very entertaining and very informative.”

“Just the exciting frontier-thought process-thinking outside the box-beyond just coding.”

“Good speaker, kept the attention of the audience.”

“The background on how technology has changes. It was very interesting.”

“Informative and light. Great humor.”

“Great speaker; very interesting subject.”

“Brilliant topic to inspire participants about our own work, careers, life and to optimistic about the rest of conference!”


“Interesting facts & clear speaking”

“Interesting examples of how technology has changed and where it is going.”

“Overall presentation.”

“Very knowledge, relate to the audience.”

“Introduction to new technology, made it relevant to medicine.”

“Liked everything.”

“Presentation & easy to relate (visual)”

“I’m crazy about new electronics.”

“Technology and future outcome.”