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Home monitoring

Home Monitoring Solution for Seniors

nevada home monitoring

We developed a unique home monitoring system that enables you to keep an eye on your older loved ones.  It works wherever you are and does not require any special equipment.

The truth is your parents are happiest in their home.  They want to keep their independence and avoid assisted care facilities if at all possible.  This system gives them the opportunity to continue to live where they are most comfortable:  in their own home.

With our system, you get real time video and audio of the interior of their home so you see how they are doing.  You can even say, "Hi" through system and carry on a normal conversation without picking up the phone.  It's all very simple and easy to use.

Be sure to ask about our optional service called 24/7 Watch.  This unique service provides trained medical professionals who check in on your parents remotely and on a regular basis.  You choose the frequency.  It's ideal when you want constant, around the clock monitoring even when you are unavailable because of work, vacation, etc.

The good news is our system is a fraction of the cost of an assisted care facility.

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