How Can We Help You Succeed?

How Can We Help You Succeed?

How to Start an Online Business Overnight

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Ten insider secrets to making real money

This is post part 1 fo 2.

We can all use a few extra bucks.  But picking up a second (or third!) job just isn’t feasible with the kids’ afterschool activities and the long, rush-hour commutes.

Solution:  Find a product or a service you like and sell it globally.  It’s not as tough as you might think.  Here’s what you do:

  • Determine what you want to sell.  It’s best if it’s unique and easy to ship.
  • Go to and register your domain name. Choose something catchy, easy to spell, and easy to remember.  Get the .com version. Don’t worry about all the other .net, .org, etc.  Register the name for 5 years or more.  Search engines think 1 year domain registrants are spammers, so those domains aren’t ranked as high. GoDaddy ( offers the best rates for domain registration.
  • Go to and purchase hosting services. HostGator ( is good and cheap.  They also let you have deep technical control over your hosting – more than GoDaddy.  Buy the ‘Hatchling’ host package.  PS.  You can go to and click on the right-hand banner ad to receive a discount on hosting.  Have HostGator help you setup WordPress.  They will know what to do.
  • Choose a WordPress theme. WordPress ( was originally designed for blogging.  It’s open source and free.  Over the last few years, though, WordPress has morphed into a very powerful content management system for websites.  In other words, using WordPress, you can update and edit your site just like you were using Microsoft Word.  No need to know any techy stuff.  WordPress also offers a bunch of powerful tools for search engine optimization.  Go here for free WordPress themes:
  • Add pictures, video and text to your new site. Keep the site simple and intuitive.  Emulate the successful businesses like Amazon, Google, Target for ideas per layout and color schemes but focus like a laser on what your are selling. Remember, internet users want more meat, less bun.  Keep the text to a minimum.  Navigation or ‘flow’ through your site should be so natural even a caveman can do it.
  • Use PayPal for processing payments. PayPal gets the job done.  You don’t need a credit check and you don’t have to pay a ton of upfront fees.  Thirty minutes of setup gets you a robust merchant processing system which also support subscriptions, i.e. you can automatically charge clients monthly for ‘membership’ to your new service.

This column is part 1.  To be continued next week…

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