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Las Vegas, NV, 89130
United States

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We help businesses harness the power of computing.  From web design and app development to digital marketing and e-commerce, we've got you covered!


What did you like about James Kerr’s presentation?


“He’s a very good speaker. He presents his topic & himself well.”

“Very knowledgeable, real-world application.”

“The speaker was very enthusiastic. A lot of energy and very easy to follow, excellent job!!”

“Very good presenter. Holds your interest: provided interesting information.”

“It encouraged me to look toward the technology and not be afraid of it.”

“Very interesting.”

“A very good presenter.”

“Made it interesting with subjects we can relate to.”

“Very future oriented, very knowledgeable.”

“Great presentation, kept my attention throughout the entire session—Good Job! Very enjoyable!”

“Great way to start off the coding sessions.”

“Interesting-not too technical.”

“The pros and cons about computer software , the hackers that are out there, very informative!!!”

“Going back.”


“Very interesting information regarding technology.”

“Very provocative, interesting.”

“He was humorous! Great speaker but could be more specific to coding.”

“Things you never thought about certain topics that you haven’t realized. Internet security amazing!”

“His demeanor.”

“Very interesting topic-and excellent presenter.”

“Fascinating! I appreciated the history of computer technology & future.”

“Extremely educating and scary.”

“Making me aware of all the advances in technology.”

“Great speaker.”

“Interesting!! James was a very dynamic speaker, I enjoyed his presentation.”

“Very entertaining and very informative.”

“Just the exciting frontier-thought process-thinking outside the box-beyond just coding.”

“Good speaker, kept the attention of the audience.”

“The background on how technology has changes. It was very interesting.”

“Informative and light. Great humor.”

“Great speaker; very interesting subject.”

“Brilliant topic to inspire participants about our own work, careers, life and to optimistic about the rest of conference!”


“Interesting facts & clear speaking”

“Interesting examples of how technology has changed and where it is going.”

“Overall presentation.”

“Very knowledge, relate to the audience.”

“Introduction to new technology, made it relevant to medicine.”

“Liked everything.”

“Presentation & easy to relate (visual)”

“I’m crazy about new electronics.”

“Technology and future outcome.”

“The pictures of examples.”

“He is very relatable.”

“Information was very current and relevant.”

“Loved Mr. Kerr’s entire presentation-entertaining, informative”

“I enjoyed the way Mr. Kerr presented the material in an easy understanding way. He made it interesting and fun to learn.”

“He applied real world information to healthcare.”

“It made me aware of how I should be using available resources to learn more about the future of coding.”

“Presenter was insightful.”

“Good speaker-not boring, funny”

“Presenter provided scenarios that the audience could connect with. Great interaction w/audience and very humorous.”

“Interesting info about the future of technology.”

“James Kerr’s presentation was upbeat, interesting & funny….enjoyed the presentation.”

“I like about this presentation, James visual & all this information.”

“Very entertaining and knowledgeable.”

“Technology with a touch of humanity.”

“Funny, sharp, knowledgeable.”

“Emphasis on not missing the beat w/real time technology apps”


“He made the topic approachable. He drew us in to his topic. Very humorous. Good visual.”

“The speaker’s openness, personality”

“Keeping up with technology”

“Interesting-well presented. Current”

“Attitude towards technology—don’t be afraid of change, don’t miss the boat.”

“Great, awesome speaker! Need to come back next year and there after!!!!”

“Brings an opportunity to understand another side of healthcare.”

“James Kerr is a natural speech giver. Makes us stay focus with him and the topic.”

“Interesting topic & great information”

“Learned a lot about the up and coming technology, tools, and software that will be available.”

“Brought information outside my realm & made it comprehensible & applicable to me.”

“Very informative & entertaining”

“Interesting and easy to relate.”

“Very good presentation-good timing for early morning.”

“Humor & ease of speaking.”

“Inspirational talk about the future in technology.”

“It appealed to all of us”

“Positive look at the changes in technology around us.”

“Sharing personal experiences.”

“Relative to all.”

“Very interesting & funny as well as informative.”

“Very interesting subject, or at least he presented it with interesting examples.”

“Very interesting material, excellent speaker.”

“Great, reminds me to keep up w/tech.”

“Blending of technology/practices, interesting view of past/future technology.”

“Technology & how advanced it has come. The downfall of some companies that did not get on the band wagon.”

“Entertaining & somewhat fascinating.”

“Videos & easy to understand and relate to.”

“Interesting, encouraging, very motivated speaker.”

“Interesting speaker, holds your attention.”

“Information on technology and where the future may be headed.”

“Very current information”

“Integrated audience”

“Very knowledgeable and it opened my eyes about technology.”

“Learn what technology is coming in the future.”

“He is very knowledgeable & entertaining. Great presenter!!”

“Very interesting presentation. EXCELLENT!!”

“Learned so many new things to keep me “fresh” as Mr. Kerr said. And use our current technology in both my professional and personal lives.”

“Eye opener to the power of technology. Great information regarding keeping up w/tech & not to let it pass-importance to stay informed.”

“Very personable”

“Informative speaker with a sense of humor.”

“Innovative, well presented, makes you think.”

“All about futuristic changes to expect in our line of work. How I need to further prepare & get more education working with data, computers!”